Connectivity and Infrastructure in Europe and Asia

We operate low-latency fiber-channels connecting Europe and Asia.

We Provide

Our established network connecting major destinations of choice in Europe and Asia offers excellent global and regional coverage.

Low latency from Europe to Asia and from Asia to China Mainland

We offer BGP IP Transit at major data centers throughout Europe and Asia, or at your preferred premises with extended local loop. It's efficient, low-cost, and high-performance.

Access to sea cable networks

With us, you can reach Asia and Europe through our ultra-fast and high-capacity submarine cable networks, with minimum latency ensured by highly capable fiber optics.

High performance with direct peerings to global internet resources

Our extensive direct interconnections and well-established bilateral peering with numerous providers worldwide allow for optimal routing, high transfer rates and ultimate speed. Our international IP Network offers 10 Gbps and IPv6.

Managed server and IaaS in Asia and Europe

Our Cloud Computing solutions can easily grow with your business. You can enjoy maximum flexibility while retaining minimal maintenance cost.

Datacenters accross Asia and Europe

We are present at multiple locations in Eurasia. Our Points of Presences (PoPs) include Hong Kong and Singapore in Asia and Zurich and Amsterdam in Europe.

International connectivity between physical and virtual infrastructure

Connect your physical and virtual infrastructure over our secure, stable and reliable network. We are ready to realize your international connectivity requirements with low-latency and high-performance.

About the company

Computerline, founded 2000 in Switzerland, is an enterprise with a wealth of experience, good image and abundance of skills. While focused on Cloud and IP Services, we are present in more than 40 datacenters worldwide, operating 10Gbps+ and IPv6 compatible Internet Backbone. Computerline's most important Internet junctions are in Zurich, Geneva, Amsterdam as well as major Asian locations, which are managed through Computerline (Hong Kong) Ltd. With the support of our business partners throughout the world, Computerline is proud to have come so far. While the promising future unfolds in front of us, we shall always carry on with consistency, hard work and innovation.

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